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About Us

Actor/Artist Max Cullen and artist Margarita Georgiadis, have occupied The Coronation Theatre (circa 1937) in Gunning since 2004.   Remamed The Picture House, The Coronation Theatre ceased showing movies in the mid 1960's and was abandoned, nearly derelict before Max and Margarita set to work renovating it into what is now a shining landmark of cultural and artistic enjoyment.

GUNNING is a charming, historic town with a population of around 500 and is situated just 2½ hours drive out of Sydney, and a mere 45 minutes from Canberra.

Gunning's 19th century main street was built very wide, for the time of horse and bullock-drawn wagons. This served the town well when the main highway between Sydney and Melbourne carried cars and trucks through the town, which ceased when the bypass was completed in 1994. It is now much quieter, and the town has been able to resume a more rural pace of life and to develop something of an industry in providing bed and breakfast accommodation.   Read more about the town of Gunning.

THE BOOKSHOP covers a varied collection. Some signed copies and publications sourced from Max's own colletion, others from around the country.  It is here in the bookshop that you can find a variety of books covering almost every aspect of the performing arts, from theatre scripts to film, poetry, biographies and performing art theory to stage and set design manuals.  There are books representing television favourites, DVD's and classic movies on video.  Also in stock are a selected range of antique movie projectors, childrens books, philosophy texts, a vast selection of sheet music, orchestral arrangements and much more.



THE GALLERY represents local, emerging and established artists.  Our aim is to bring quality contemporary art to the Southern Tablelands, where visitors and locals alike can enjoy the oppertunity to view art either on their way between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, or in their own backyard. The gallery and bookshop comprise of two levels, with more art and books available upstairs in the old theatre projection room. 


Max Cullen "Cycle of Fifths"  sculpture 2008


THE PERFORMANCE SPACE beyond the gallery and into the old theatre itself, you will find high cathedral ceilings, a raked precenium stage and the perfect atmosphere for performers to present their work to an intimate audience.  There is also a slow combustion wood fire in the centre of the theatre to keep our patrons warm during the colder months.  Nice!


 GYAN in performance at The Picture House Performance Space April 2013


BelowSpinifex artists from the Tjuntjuntjara community, Great Victoria Desert WA, visit The Picture House Gallery & Bookshop, November 2009


photo by Louise Allerton


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